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Every visit
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We deliver solutions

We create our clients’ audio guides from start to finish,
from designing each tour,
authoring meticulous and captivating content,
to recordings and installing the finished product.

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Audiotour - What do we do

We are a Polish-Canadian company with more than ten years’ experience in designing and producing audio guides. We aspire to cultivate enriching and lasting experiences for your guests and patrons on both mobile and proprietary platforms.

All over Poland, from the largest cities to idyllic, rural spots, we are there, helping visitors explore the histories and mysteries of remarkable places of interest. Our hardware guides guests to museums, castles and churches, from the ancient to the modern, large or small, of interior spaces and open-air sites, and locations of urban and rural architecture.

At Audiotour, every client and project are equally important to us. From research and script development, software development and testing, recording, installation and maintenance, we strive to produce solutions for your needs. Currently, our present tally is over 170 completed projects with more than 1 000 000 visitors.

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We have a permanent editorial team, where we offer full script development and writing services with the involvement and expertise of historians, art historians, archaeologists and other specialists when required. We collaborate with first-class translators and voice artists. With our own studio and professional sound engineers, we are fully equipped to create clear and top-quality recordings. The crowning moment comes where our team finalizes the finished product.

Technology. Audio Guide
or Mobile?

Technology in the 21st-century world is changing at an astonishing rate. Museums and other places of interest are keeping pace with the changes, introducing technological innovations with notable success.

At Audiotour, we adapt our technological solutions to meet our clients’ individual requirements. Visitors can listen to our audio guides on dedicated MOVI system devices or on popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Variety. Classical tours? Or a touch of the WOW!

Commonly, the preference is for a traditional-style audio program to an exhibition, historical site or stroll through a city or town. Nowadays, the choice is for an entertainment feel where multiple voices, music and sound effects engages visitors, making a lasting and positive experience.

Whatever the atmosphere you want to offer your visitors, Audiotour will bring it to life for you.

We create tours for adults and children, for the blind and visually impaired, utilizing the audio description method, and for the deaf and hearing impaired.