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The Mobile Audio Guide

Would you like to show your museum or gallery without any extra audio guide equipment? Consider our mobile app. Your clients will be able to download it from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore for free. And that’s it! Their smartphone turns into an audio guide.

Our app allows for your site to become a storyteller- inspiring and engaging visitors with convenience and ease.

Our app has three versions:

Basic: with numeric keypad

Go at your own pace. On your smartphone, you will see a list of artefacts above a numeric keypad interface. To listen to the commentary, select the recording from the list or press a number on the keypad that corresponds to the item of the exhibition.

View on Google Play™ » View on the Apple App Store »

Automatic: with automatic triggering

In addition to the numeric keypad, the app can trigger commentary automatically. The app locates visitors through beacons stationed around the exhibition. It is particularly useful in places where it would be difficult to display numbers so that visitors can see them clearly, e.g. castle court yards.

With AR

Augmented reality can be added to both above versions. It uses the camera on your smartphone. You point your phone to the object and the app will recognize the item/location and display additional information. Imagine the portrait you are looking at hides an older painting under the newer layer of paint. Now you can show it to your visitors with AR.

The Smartphone
Audio Guide


Our solution for you includes an audio guide in the form of a smartphone app that enables visitors to take a tour using their own device and headphones. You can post the app icon on your website with links to the App Store for devices running the iOS system and Google Play™ for devices using the Android operating system.

Visitors can simply download the app onto their devices where they can start the tour. A free, sample app for a tour of Kraków or Paris can be downloaded using the links below.

View in the App Store » View in the Google Play™ »

How does it work?

The visitor starts a recording by selecting it from a list or map which also shows their current position. The narrator’s voice guides visitors along the entire tour route and provides clear, precise instructions to ensure that they never get lost.

The short film presented below shows the app in action:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to answering them for you. To get in touch with our IT experts and sales team, please reach out to us via the Contact tab.